DIY Tree Light Packs

DIY-Kits-825x510 DIY Tree Light Packs

Tree Lighting Melbourne.

If you are someone who likes to get out and do it yourself, why don’t you try our DIY Tree Light Packs which come fully equipped with all the relevant lighting and power supplies and easing to follow instructions for installation. The easy installation and step-by-step instructions allow you to successfully decorate your trees with ease. If you are really stuck give Pete a call! The Starlight team may/will be able to come out and give you a hand.

Inside our Standard DIY Tree Light Pack will include:

  • 100m of 12v IP65, DC LED, Tree lights
  • 1 x IP67 rated 150w LED Driver with 240v approved plug
  • 100  Branch splicing connectors
  • 100m of 2mm, tree friendly, tying

12v-Led-Bud-lights-300x225 DIY Tree Light Packs

Tools required are:

 Side cutters

  • Stanley knife –
  • for splicing.
  • Pliers, to seal off connection with two splicing connectors
  • Screw driver, to connect all wires into junction box.
  • (If you choose to totally submerge wires; Duel wall heat shrink will be required for seal.)

2017-09-14_16-40-55-295x300 DIY Tree Light Packs

Installation application for D.I.Y.

Key Points:

  • 12volt DC ELV Tree Lights are polarity sensitive
  • POSITIVE is the trace
  • The trace is marked on the side of Black figure 8 cable.
  • Always join positive with positive and negative with negative.
  • Try to keep cable flat, avoid twisting cable and LEDs
  • Face the lighting downwards
  • LED tree lights can be cut anywhere on cable.


  1. Important Safety Instructions:
  • LEDs are replaceable.
  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Disconnect power before mounting.
  • Suitable for continuous runs.
  • Do not secure this product with wire, nails, or staples.
  • Be aware of rubbing that may expose wires.

Purchase a DIY Tree Light Pack

To purchase one of our DIY Tree Light Pack, please contact us via email On purchase of DIY kit, we will supply easy to read instructions .

Other Product Documents

Download our full PDF instructions and other details below: