Crown 2011 Tree Lights Projects


Tree and BUD lights are our specialty! Our LED lighting system is designed for all types of tree lighting and other accent lighting applications, including; pergolas, patios, clubrooms, marques, weddings, parties, outline of buildings, boats, rotunda’s, If you have a Tree lighting project,  consider us as a first point of call. The gallery below shows a wide range of how trees forms from  all over Australia that we installed our LED lighting products, Can be lit up including spot lighting and Christmas tree lights.

Blue-trees-1 Portfolio  roundabout-Bay-st Portfolio


Starlight Lighting provide a no fuss LED lighting system that can brighten up a walk way or courtyard. The LEDs used are a reliable source of light, with an average life span of 50,000 plus hours, making them virtually maintenance free. Have a look at some of the trees we illuminated with our LED Tree lighting products at the Crown Cassino in Melbourne.