Mini Festoons

Mini-treelights-e1495448409558 Mini Festoons

Mood :Lighting.

A superior ABS moulded fitting. Strong, Durable, Waterproof.

12V  Concave wide angle LED
0.18watt, dimmable, Warm White
removable polycarbonate caps.
200mm spacing, 10m lengths
Can be connected up to 50m.


What are Festoon Lights?

Festoon lights are a traditional solution that has never gone out of style. You can create unique looks and add instant impact to any area, transforming it to a whole new world. LED festoons are oversized glass bulbs, usually on long cables. You can decorate a room or outdoor area with these vintage bulbs.

We have commercial festoon lighting available for sale in Melbourne. Our experts can provide you with all the information you need to choose the perfect lights for you. Drape a garland of this sparkling solution over trees and house linings to make anything pop.

Ways you can Use Festoon Lights

Struggling to think of ways to incorporate creativity into your next project or event? Starlight Lighting has the experience to advise you for a range of needs, to make the most out of your purchase, including:

  • Christmas festoon bulbs to bring magic to every day over the holidays, suitable for your indoor Christmas tree or for outdoor decorations.
  • Decorative options to your wedding day to add a touch of class and style for an unforgettable event. A perfect way to outline spaces, especially the aisle.
  • Buy outdoor festoon lights and brighten up walkways, parks and more.
  • Set around the home for a rustic chic interior style. Whether you want to use them around a mirror or to illuminate your patio, it’s a style that will turn heads.
  • Create an ambience in your restaurant or cafe, for when your customers want a dim, relaxing environment.

The Benefits of Choosing LED Alternatives

Traditional festoons may look good, but they can present some problems to the user. They’re expensive to run and they’re made of glass. That makes them easy to smash and presents a hazard to pets and children. We have the solution: LEDs for you to decorate the modern-day Melbourne.

LED’s offer a safer and more cost-effective alternative. These bulbs emit less heat and they’re made from translucent plastic cases. We don’t compromise on the look. Commercial festoon lighting can bring that vintage glow to any event, with all the benefits of LED lights.

Your Festoon Lighting Specialists in Melbourne

We have a great range of mini festoons for sale in Melbourne. As lighting specialists, we’re well-equipped to help you for any purpose. Our LED options are virtually maintenance-free and we have the experience to guarantee peace-of-mind, with the promise that your lighting will be installed safely and to the highest quality.

New 12V Mini Festoons

  • A superior ABS moulded fitting
  • Strong, durable, waterproof
  • Mood: Lighting
  • 12V concave wide angle LED
  • 0.18 watt, dimmable, warm white
  • Removable polycarbonate caps
  • 200mm spacing, 10m lengths
  • Can be connected up to 50m

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